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Posted on December 29, 2018

vitaroom.net - Wp Content Plugins Wp Hashcash  King Cake Vodka Party Drinks 2 | Rum, Tiki Drinks & Exotica. Wp Content Plugins Wp Hashcash .. 2 oz Lucky Player King Cake Vodka. 2 oz passionfruit juice. 0.5 oz fresh lime. 0.25 oz grenadine (i used homemade hibiscus grenadine) And if needed, depending on how tart your passion fruit juice is – 0.5 oz simple syrup or passion fruit syrup. Mixing With Chinotto | Rum, Tiki Drinks & Exotica... I have written about it many times – how much i love San Pellegrinos amazing soft drinks containing fruit pulp, and one of my very beloved favorites among the San Pellegrinos is Chinotto.

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Wp Content Plugins Wp Hashcash

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