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Posted on November 10, 2018 - Style Aquascape  Aquascape styles and ideas - THE 2HR AQUARIST Natural style is great for beginners starting their first planted aquarium. Style Aquascape Nature style scapes use natural wood branches and rocks to frame the scene and provide a sense of flow and direction to the overall composition. Epiphytes are used on hardscape while carpeting plants are grown on the foreground. Style Aquascape - Image Results More Style Aquascape images.

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Style Aquascape

Understanding Dutch Aquascaping Style | The Aquarium Guide Understanding Dutch Aquascaping Style. In the aquascaping world, the two most commonly implemented styles are Nature aquascaping style and Dutch aquascaping style. Iwagumi aquascaping style is slowly gaining popularity though.. As the oldest aquascaping style, the Dutch style focuses primarily on the growth and arrangement of aquatic plants. How to Create Aquascape with Iwagumi Style - AQUASCAPER How to Create Aquascape with Iwagumi Style – Aquascape with Iwagumi Style is one of the layout style of the most complicated and challenging aquascape.. In about 30 years ago, the style of iwagumi aquascape was successfully developed by the well known aquarist Takashi Amano, named the layout style of this aquascape is not only a minimalist layout, but also reflects the strong culture of.

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