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Posted on June 11, 2017 - Style Aquascape  Aquascaping - Wikipedia Aquascaping is the craft of arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones, cavework, or driftwood, in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium—in effect, gardening under water. Style Aquascape The Nature Aquarium Style • Aquascaping Love Reading Time: 3 min. The Nature Aquarium is one of the two major styles dominating the world of aquascaping. The basic Nature style aesthetic concepts have been introduced by Japanese aquarist Takashi Amano back in the 1990’s and have become widely popular over the years, influencing the entire future of aquascape design.

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Style Aquascape : Aquascape 75000 Pond Air 2 (double Outlet ... Aquascape Pond Air Aeration Kit Quick to set up and easy to use, Aquascape's Pond Air Aeration Kits will effectively oxygenate your pond. Available in two- and four-outlet options, the Pond Air kit is made up of an aerator pump that's placed above ground and two or four aeration discs (seen at left) that are placed in your pond. How To Create Your First Aquascape • Aquascaping Love Focal Points. Focal points are generally created with the use of effective plant selection, considering colours and textures. Having an area or a main feature will help you to prevent your aquascape from being overly busy or distracting.

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