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Posted on May 22, 2017 - Style Aquascape  Aquascape styles and ideas - THE 2HR AQUARIST Includes Iwagumi, Natural style, Dutch style, Natural Biotope and Hardscape Diorama. Style Aquascape HOME Planted Tank Guide Indepth Topics Plant Guides Newsletters HOME Planted Tank Guide Indepth Topics ... this gives volume in such aquascapes and forms the backbone of the aquascape. Having enough stone pieces to form a mound 1/3 the height of the tank gives. Style Aquascape - Image Results More Style Aquascape images.

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Style Aquascape

Understanding Biotope Aquascaping Style | The Aquarium Guide Understanding Biotope Aquascaping Style. The biotope aquarium is an exact replica of a specific natural aquatic landscape. From the rivers of the Amazon Rainforest to the tropical reefs of Australia, a biotope aquascape replicates every aspect of the natural version from the fish and flora to the water temperature and chemistry. Understanding Dutch Aquascaping Style | The Aquarium Guide As the oldest aquascaping style, the Dutch style focuses primarily on the growth and arrangement of aquatic plants. Utilizing numerous aquatic plants, a beautiful Dutch aquascape implements a rich contrast using subtle color and texture, but also maintains a high density of plant life.

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