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Posted on April 08, 2018 - Git Info Refs  Git And Nasty "error: Cannot Lock Existing Info/refs Fatal . Git Info Refs .. Is --prune=now the same as --prune=all? If so, the documentation warns that you may lose unanchored objects. If there are unanchored objects you should probably try to reconcile them before pruning. Git Clone Fails With “/info/refs Not Found: Did You Run ... /info/refs not found means that the server cannot be reached. Are you able to perform a git clone from the server ? Could you check the logs files in gitstack/apache/logs ?.

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Git Info Refs

Can't Clone Git Repos Via Http; Info/refs Not Found ... I am trying to make a git repository available for read-only access over http. I am doing it the old-style way because git-http-backend is not available on my host system. /info/refs Not Valid: Is This A Git Repository ... Causes and Resolutions The repository may not be a Git repository. We've seen many cases where a new repository was accidentally created in the Mercurial DVCS format instead of Git.

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