Aquascape Wood

Posted on September 22, 2017 - Aquascape Wood  Aquarium Driftwood Used in Aquascaping: Hardscape Wood is a simple hardscaping item to anchor plants on and looks great with plant life attached to it. Aquascape Wood Some types of aquarium driftwood will also assist with lowering pH levels in your aquarium water. If you have fish in your aquascape, then it is a great design feature to use the driftwood to mimic the natural environment that the fish would. Aquascape Wood - Image Results More Aquascape Wood images.

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Aquascape Wood

Hand Curated Wood - Tannin Aquatics Just imagine an aquascape without wood of some sort. You can’t, right? Seems like everyone likes wood in aquariums. And there's a lot of it out there. Selecting the right piece of wood can make or break an aquascape. Wood has to be both attractive and functional. We totally get that. Because one of the key cornerston. AquaScaping World Magazine - Design Attractive Aquascaping Aquascaping with Driftwood. Take care when choosing your wood, as you do not want it to overpower the aquascape by being out of scale. Many aquarists will use blocky forms of Malaysian driftwood, while others may use manzanita branches depending upon the look they are trying to achieve.

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